IST ULisboa – DEI – Associate professor job opening

Being a school of excellency is what every university aims for. However, the meaning of such aim depends on the beholder.

Recently, the Computer Science and Engineering department ( together with the Bio-Engineering department ( proposed to the Scientific council of IST the opening of a “strategic” Associate Professor position for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

So, if you are interested in applying to it, check this page

However, don’t be to eager to get the position, since it already has a name (like most positions at IST): Susana Vinga

Susana Vinga is a competent researcher on Control Theory and Metabolic network analysis and, most likely, a good teacher for the Bio-engineering department and/or the Mechanics department. But it is difficult to see how can she contribute to the courses offered by the Computer Science and Engineering department. Unless, the motivation is to pay the years of subservience to Arlindo L. Oliveira and Ana T. Freitas, and to help (or completely replace) Ana T. Freitas give the Computational Biology course.

Now, the fun of this post, is that the persons proposing and approving the vacancy opening are exactly the persons benefiting from it. Moreover, the ones on the jury will be the Full professors on the scientific area of MTP: Arlindo L. Oliveira and Ana T. Freitas. (Arlindo, if you’re reading this, replace one of you by JCM to give a more impartial air to the jury).

So, in a few days/weeks the opening will be officially open, and if a few months we’ll know the result. D0n’t expect any surprises, though.

PS: For the ones who just landed on planet IST, two pieces of additional information: Arlindo L. Oliveira is the President of IST and is married to Ana T. Freitas.

And that is how you build a school of excellency!